Organiziational and Business Psychology since 2001


Silvia Specht is an expert in issues relating to corporate leadership.

As executive coach and systemic consultant she supports businesses and top management nationally and internationally.

Silvia Specht is your choice as organizational consultant if you are looking to engage a competent, dedicated and authentic expert with international background; if you value transparency, compassion, stringent process, humor and humanness; if you prefer intelligent questions to prefabricated answers for every situation.

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Customer Feedback"Within a very short time Mrs. Specht is able to recognize complex relationship constellations ... her repertory of methods is extensive."
Customer Feedback"Silvia Specht is an excellent listener and observer. She is able to intuitively grasp and accurately analyze a situation during a conversation ... a true asset."
Customer Feedback"Mrs. Specht has banded together the department in a highly professional, unusually creative and extremely effective way to face the challenges of the future."
Customer Feedback"Clear, analytical and yet compassionate - that is how we experienced Silvia Specht in her role as management consultant. This in spite of our joint projects being anything but fair weather projects ..."
Customer Feedback"Silvia Specht combines individual coaching with an excellent ability to analyze as well as an intuitive sense for the person concerned."
Customer Feedback"For our management team the workshops conducted by Mrs. Specht in a customer-oriented, knowledgeable and professional manner were very compelling."
Customer Feedback"Silvia Specht is a highly dedicated, inspired management consultant. Her authenticity and personal integrity are paramount to her work."
Customer Feedback" ... absolutely competent, technically versatile, open, honest, trustworthy, interested, not afraid to face conflict, thinks out of the box, oriented toward solutions and success."
Customer Feedback"... her work is exclusively focused on her customer's success."